Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1 Nephi 9

Chapter 9 is a short chapter and almost seems like a "housecleaning" chapter in that Nephi explains why he is maintaining two sets of records. So, what can we learn from this chapter and apply to our lives?

Record Keeping

The mere fact that Nephi informs us that he maintains records can apply to us. We've been counseled many times to keep a journal. Spencer W. Kimball wrote an article in the October 1975 New Era magazine entitled "The Angels May Quote From It." In this article, President Kimball offers many reasons for keeping a journal.

Personally, I've been able to keep a fairly active journal since I was a kid. The first few entries about snowball fights with my sister and playing softball and catch with my dad bring back lots of memories as I go back and read them.

Personal journals offer a person so much insight. A lot can be learned by going back and reading past entries. They often help me in making decisions … especially when I am trying to solve a personal problem that extends over several weeks or months or even years. Probably the biggest benefit for me is that my faith increases by keeping a journal. For example, when I was a college student, I was really concerned about what major I should choose, what career I should follow and who I should marry. I extensively wrote about these things and what I was feeling at the time and what I was doing about it. It wasn't until after the trial of my faith did I clearly see the hand of the Lord in my life. So as I go back and read those entries, my faith is strengthened and I know in whom I trust.

Trust in the Lord

In a somewhat related matter to the topic of keeping a journal, Nephi does not know why the Lord commanded him to make a 2nd set of records on which he makes an account of his ministry. But he trusts the Lord and knows that when the Lord commands, it is for a wise purpose. Just imagine if Nephi had not obeyed this commandment. We would not have had his wonderful writings and teachings.

Nephi also understands that the Lord sees all and knows all from the beginning to the end and as such, he knows how to prepare a way for the children of men to receive immortality and eternal life.

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