Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Alma 43

Love and War

I read Alma 43 a few days ago. I wasn’t too excited to get into the war chapters again, but this time I was reminded of a talk Jill had read in the Ensign entitled “How Captain Moroni Saved my Marriage.” I didn’t read it, but the title alone gave me an idea.

I began to make comparisons of marriage and fighting for justice as I read.

Verse 9 – The desires of the Nephites were just. They wanted to preserve their families from their enemies. Today our enemies are divorce, pride, selfishness and anything else which strives to tear a marriage apart. These enemies would tear us down if we let them. We must fight for our cause because our cause is just.

Verse 13 – The people of Ammon had made a covenant not to fight, but instead they “gave unto the Nephites a large portion of their substance to support their armies; and thus the Nephites were compelled, alone, to withstand against the Lamanites.” This is kind of a stretch, but just as the Ammonites supported the Nephites, so too does the ward and stake and church in general support us in our marriages and families. However, we alone are responsible for the actual fighting … we make our own choices just as the Nephites were alone in the actual battles.

Verse 19 – Special preparation was devoted to the people. Today, as we prepare to fight our enemies, we read the scriptures, pray, love and serve. They used thick clothing for protection. We use special clothing to protect us. We frequent the temple in connection with the clothing we use.

Verse 20 – Zerahemna and his armies weren’t prepared like the Nephites. Unlike Zerahemna, the enemies of marriage and family today are highly prepared and thus makes our preparation all the more vital.

Verse 23 – Moroni sent men to Alma the prophet to ask him to “inquire of the Lord whither the armies of the Nephites should go” to find the Lamanites. Today we listen to prophets through General Conference and Ensign articles to know the Lord’s will.

Verse 43 – Today the forces of evil are more powerful than ever before.

Verse 44 – “thus the Lamanites did smite in their fierce anger.” The enemies of marriage and family have an extreme hatred for those that support and defend marriage. They will do anything to win because of their extreme hatred.

Verse 45 - But the Nephites fought for a better cause, just as we are fighting for a much better cause – our families.

Verse 48 – Sometimes we become fearful and we want to give in our give up. But we must be inspired by thoughts of a better world.

Verse 51
– Even though we are outnumbered, if we do what is right, the Lord will bless us to overcome.

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