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Helaman 14

Samuel the Lamanite continues in this chapter by prophesying of Christ’s birth and death. The reason he does so is first, he is a prophet and prophets prophesy, but they always prophesy for a purpose which leads to my second point. Why did Samuel make these prophecies?

No Cause for Unbelief

In Helaman 14:28, Samuel explains that there will be so many wonders and signs given that there will be no cause for doubting and that if they do not believe those signs and wonders, they will be condemned and they will be responsible for their own condemnation.

In other words, Samuel is saying that there will be so many signs that if the people don’t believe in them and repent, then they are pretty stupid and will have to reap the consequences.

It is like a teacher telling you exactly what will be on the final exam and that your whole grade depends on this final exam. The students would be pretty ignorant not to study the given material.

Prophets tell us what to beware of and what to do to gain salvation. I think prophets know and see much more than we think. They interpret what they know into the things we must change and do.

I think it is symbolic how Samuel was standing on the city wall when he prophesied all these things. He saw the big picture and the Lord told him what to say to the Nephites.

The Prophecies

I wanted to briefly add to this commentary the things Samuel prophesied. I think the previous entry accurately describes what I got out of this chapter this time around.

Sign of Christ's coming:
1. Great lights in heaven.
2. The night before Christ comes to earth; there will be a day, a night and a day of light.
3. A new star will appear.
4. Many signs and wonders in heaven.
5. The people will be amazed at the signs and fall to the earth.

Signs of Christ's death:
1. Thunder, lightening, earthquakes, tempests, general destruction of the land.
2. Darkness for three days.
3. The resurrection of many saints who will appear unto many people.

As I stated before, every one of these prophecies came true.

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