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Ether 9-11

Jaredites Nearly Destroyed

Because of the secret combinations among the Jaredites, they are nearly wiped out. The war between the sons of Akish and Akish lasted many years and destroyed “nearly all the people of the kingdom, yea, even all, save it were thirty souls, and they who fled with the house of Omer.” (Ether 9:12)

The Righteousness of Emer

Once Akish and his sons were destroyed, Omer was restored as king of the land. His son Emer became king and prospered in the land because of his righteousness. Emer “saw peace in the land; yea, and he even saw the Son of Righteousness, and did rejoice and glory in his day; and he died in peace.” (Ether 9:22)

Jaredite Cycle

We often refer to the Nephite Cycle as the cycle where the Nephites would be righteous for many years and then turn wicked, were punished and then turned back to righteousness again and the cycle would begin anew. It seems that the Jaredites had their own cycles. After nearly being destroyed, the Jaredites repented and prospered before turning again to secret combinations.

In Ether 9:26 we read the great-grandson of Emer, whose name was Heth, “began to embrace the secret plans again of old, to destroy his father.”

Prophets began to cry repentance to the people (Ether 9:28), but the people and the king simply killed the prophets.

A dearth was sent by the Lord to the land and people began to die. Poisonous serpents pursued the people and the beasts. “When the people saw that they must perish they began to repent of their iniquities and cry unto the Lord.” (Ether 9:34) When they humbled themselves, the Lord sent rain again to the land and the people were preserved.

In Ether 10, we read how the cycle continues to repeat over and over again.

Nephite and Jaredite Parallels

Riplakish and Noah

There are many similarities between Riplakish and King Noah. Both had many wives and concubines and laid heavy taxes on the people to support themselves and their wives and concubines. (Mosiah 11:6 and Ether 10:5) Both built lavish buildings and thrones and had them ornamented with many fine things. (Mosiah 11:8 and Ether 10:6-7)

Robbers in the Land

In Ether 10:33 we learn that the Jaredites had robbers among them and that these robbers adopted the old plans referring to the secret oaths and promises. The king of the land at the time (Com) fought them much, but he was not able to prevail against them.

The Nephites and Lamanites were also plagued with many robbers and fought them much too. (3 Nephi 2:11-19)

Prophesy of Complete Destruction

Both the Nephites and Jaredites were warned by prophets that if they did not repent, they would be completely destroyed from the face of the land. (Helaman 13:10 and Ether 11:6)

Another People to Possess the Land

In both the Nephite and Jaredite histories, it was foretold that another people would possess the land. (1 Nephi 13:14 and Ether 11:21)

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