Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Reason for this Blog

I subscribe to many, many blogs. One of them is written by a seminary teacher. On her blog today, she described a neat experience with a student in her class. What was thrilling for the teacher was that the student sought direction from the scriptures and then was able to apply it to her life. Then she shared her experience with others.

What caught my eye on her post were three points about being an example to the youth.

  1. Spending time together AND privately in scripture study. How else will the Spirit have a platform or foundation upon which to testify if our kids are not in the scriptures themselves, no matter the class or event?
  2. Spending time afterwards sharing, explaining, and testifying to new insights they've just discovered through the scriptures.
  3. Spending time journaling of the experience, so that they can have it recorded for future moments of need, whether for their own need or that of posterity.

Obviously point 1 is what we can do in our homes and personal space. Points 2 & 3 can be attained via a blog. Hence, one of my purposes with this blog.

I don't think there are many (if any) readers right now, but I hope this can become something of value to others as I record my insights, share my testimony and provide a forum for others to discuss the Book of Mormon.

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