Monday, July 16, 2007

Book of Mormon Chess

In my Book of Mormon studying today, I stumbled accross a site of an artist who did work for Covenant (the bookstore chain Deseretbook bought).

Anyway, the reason I was interested in this is because I'm a chess player ... I love to play and study the game. This artist was asked by Covenant to come up with a design for a chess set that is Book of Mormon themed. You can buy the chess set at Deseret Book (click the link to buy the set). The artist (James Fullmer) has a page with more detailed pictures of the chess set.

Obviously, the two opposing "armies" are the Nephites and Lamanites.

At the king queen positions, he has Lehi and Sariah and Laman and Isabel.

At the bishop postion, he has Nephi/Moroni and Kishkuman/Gadianton

Our glorious (or wicked) knights are Helaman/Moroni and Amalickiah/Ammoron

For the rooks he has King Benjamin's tower and the Rameumtom

And for pawns, Stripling Warriors and Zoramites.

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