Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011 - Finished Book of Mormon

There was a Brother Cal Henline in the ward we lived in several years ago and I remember him bearing his testimony about how he's read the Book of Mormon X amount of times in his life ... I don't recall the number, but it was high.  He was proud of that fact.  I was impressed with his effort.  I could tell he wanted to be able to report to God, someday, that he was faithful in reading the Book of Mormon in his life.

A few years before Brother Henline bore that testimony, I was sitting in Primary with my Sunbeams, and Sister Vallery, the Primary president, was telling us how she has read the Book of Mormon every day of her life since she was a young woman.  I was really impressed with that!

Many years before her testimony, back in Oregon, I walked into our home around 4:30pm.  The house was quiet; it was autumn.  I looked to my left into the living room and there in his recliner with a couch pillow on his lap and his copy of the Book of Mormon on that pillow, sat my dad - quietly reading the Book of Mormon.  I remember thinking, "I want to be just like my dad."

I try to be more like Brother Henline; I want to read the whole Book of Mormon every year - perhaps more times if  can manage.

I try to be more like Sister Vallery and not let a day go by without opening and reading from the Book of Mormon.

I try to seek those quiet moments like my dad, and read the Book of Mormon.  I want my kids to see me study the scriptures too.  I've been more conscious lately in trying to find opportunities to read my scriptures at home so my children can see me and want to follow my example.

Today, I accomplished, in a small degree, all three of those desires.

After I finished the Book of Mormon again today, I find that it is still true!

And I, like Moroni, admonish anyone reading this, to read and study the Book of Mormon.  Read it.  Recommit to reading it.  Pray about it.  It will make your life better.

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